Saturday, February 16, 2013

Can You Lend me a Hand? New Course Ideas Needed

Ok, I just received a request for more courses falling under the "Computer Education or Integration" realm in a masters program. We already have Networked Learning which covers:

  • Blogs and comments
  • Animoto
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Diggo
  • Digital Citizenship
  • All in 12 weeks.

    We also have a Multimedia course that covers some emerging technologies such as animoto, voicethread and wiki's. Can you suggest a topic that you are interested in or that we have covered in ETMOOC that you think would make for an awesome 12 week course?? I wanted to focus on facebook, twitter and blogging and digital identity and was thinking "Social Media and Responsiblity in Education". Feel free to look at the first few weeks at I am currently being told it will overlap the Networked Learning course.

    I personally do not think it does as I wanted to go over more such as microblogging, crowdsourcing, and a true focus on blogging and Digital identity as it pertains to education. I've also considered digital storytelling as I have so many tools now, Could you do Digital Storytelling for 12 weeks? Would you want too? Ok, I'm throwing it over the wall and beg for responses, If you could fill 12 weeks with 1 to 3 topics, what would you pick??

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    1. Yes, you could easily do a digital story course, and 12 weeks will allow for the depth that usually does not occur when this unit is integrated into an existing course. Another possibility would be website design where students create a website for their teaching and get feedback from peers. You could offer a variety of platforms for website design, and students could select the one that would work best for their needs.

    2. I love your idea on digital storytelling. I'd almost feel like I was cheating as I have reviewed a great deal of Alan Levine aka (Cogdog)'s wiki on digital storytelliing and and I could easily pull from there to fill 12 great weeks. I like websites as well, but I'm not sure how I would fly it, platforms maybe. Thanks Judy. I really appreciate your response. I wonder maybe "digital literacy and storytelling in education"? A thought. Thanks again.

    3. Love the idea of adding digital storytelling! What about also talking about the importance of a PLN and twitter/social media?

    4. Like the idea of digital storytelling in education as I expect we have just touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of the amount of different platforms out there to tell stories with. You could have your students do the daily create from ds106 and then write a reflection of how they could see integrating this into the classroom. Or present storify, popcorn, cow bird, flipchart, etc as potential classroom tools for students. FYI Haiku Deck is only available for Mac/Apple users at present.

      As for digital literacy if you are going to include that as part of the class on digital storytelling would you consider teaching it as action research? Could your students assess their digital literacy/fluency prior to taking the course as well as having to blog about the process? I expect that most students (I count myself in this mix as well) will consider themselves digitally literate and then realise they're not as literate/fluent as they think are. You would then do a midpoint/end point assessment/reflection to see if the exposure to the different software has effected their sense of themselves as digitally literate. Then they can start thinking about what skill sets you need to teach to their students to become digitally literate. Just some thoughts.