Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Tools/Applications I've Learned

I have found that I have become much more app centric when it has come to participating in the etmooc community. My rhizomatic learning has given me the following tools I wanted to share:

Google Plus – yes, I had it but I actually like I more than twitter. Building communities to run course content is definitely a great way to go.


Twitter application, this application on Google chrome has been great. It allows me to: Post in my webbrowser, browse tweets from specific users or hash tags, as well as well all tweets in a timeline. This extension allows you to create shortened URL’s within as well as composing, replying, RT, etc. – Not only can I create and share social bookmarks, I love the lists feature as well as being able to mark things read for later. – what a great way to share online and grab quick content from social bookmarking or directly from posts. – I love creating my own newspapers with up to date information from current feeds and news.

WallWisher – I like this very basic application for the visualy. It helps me to map curriculum and resources for one topic all on one wall.

Buffer App – This is a great way for me to send out tweets without overwhelming my audience. I do a lot of research at one time and don’t want to encumber those kind enough to follow me. Buffer chooses peak times to send your tweets and it’s so easy to use, click on your “buffer” in your browser (chrome) and it places the title and shortened URL or you. You can have up to 4 tweets in your buffer at one time with the free version. It does have analytics but it is not a concern for me.

A reflection on the new tools I have learned and enjoyed. I'm really glad I did this :)

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