Sunday, September 25, 2011

A note of Thanks

Well I'll be honest. I finished "Reach" by Jeff Utecht and I love it. So easy to read and so easy to understand. Such a simple but incredibly powerful message. Share, we have the tools to share and collaborate, let's use them. I tried two different dashboards this week and by far igoogle is my favorite hands down. I felt it had alot of widgets and content and since I already used Google Calendar and Google Docs, it was an easy add. I'm very impressed with all of the education tools I found, (but more about that post??) . Netvibes I found to be pretty but not as easy to work with as igoogle. I believe my enjoyment in igoogle is that fact that i love to use HTML and CSS. I wonder if I did not have that programming mind set if i would like netvibes or even pagesflakes (to each his own). I love dashboards, feeds, widgets and gadgets, OH MY!

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