Saturday, February 9, 2013

When do we create, produce and share more?

Today, I came upon a great post by Jeff Utecht. The post HERE is titled "What doesit mean to Disconnect". Jeff hit some great points, the definition of being connected to technology is very broad and does depend on your perspective. Please read as he is a great writer and educator.

Ok, What resignated with me? Jeff's discussion on consuming versus producing as we as in "all of us" consume a lot when it comes to technology, but what do we produce/share?

To quote Jeff "Let’s take a step back and look at what we ask students to do in our classrooms. How much time in a given day do students create/innovate/problem-solve vs how much time do they consume?

  • What if we changed this?
  • What if we created….creators?
  • What if we allowed students to create things……anything really?
  • I love these questions and I think that they should not only be applied to our students but ourselves. What if we just sat back, created, produced and shared. At best your lesson or educational ideas may improve and in some cases take off. You never know. I know that is certainly happening in #etmooc but I will be honest (for me, etmooc, has made me feel more comfortable to share, I have so much to reflect on and I know you do too).

    See the following graph taking from the, do you think it is true??
    Photo Credit: photosteve101 via Compfight cc

    One of my goals with #etmooc was to be a producer, plain and simple and to try to spend the time giving back and learning. I try to take the time for good etiquette and link back to other's work. I also try to share and respond to anyone who was kind enough to take a moment to be a producer and left a comment on a blog post or a tweet. It is very worth while. This is how I am learning and building my network. It takes time, but it is so worth it.

    I find, I spend more time in a day “commenting” and will only allow one blog post for myself. Wierd, I hope not, I’m trying to learn and I’m sick of being a lurker. So if I read your whole post, I will comment, even if I place your tweet, google + post or your blog post in diigo. I will comment and take time to decide what to say.

    Today I learned that the definition of being “disconnected” really is too broad. Escpecially in today’s society where even in my own home, my husband is on his smart phone, my daughter on her kindle and me on my laptop, we find this actually “connected” for us as well are all in the same room, this is family time so we are connected both technically and physically! I guess it’s all prespective.

    I really appreciated the visual from Jeff's post and it makes me sad that I spent years in the lurker category. I can honestly say, that to “create” to express and then to share” is what I am coming to find to be the essence of education not only for my students, but myself as well. Thanks as I think/ I know this post will keep me reflecting and working on producing and sharing more.

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    1. Nice post! I definitely spent years in the lurker category as well, and only in the past few years started blogging (and only through etmooc have I really gotten conversations going through my blog and commenting on others' blogs!).

      But I do want to say that I think lurking is not so bad, at least at first. I don't feel bad that I spent so long lurking, because it's helpful to lurk to just get your bearings, to find out what is out there, to determine what is *possible* to do and then what sort of contribution one might make. I do agree that we should move towards creation and contribution, but I also want to recognize that lurking has a place, and people who are still in the lurking stage are nevertheless moving on the path towards creation. I'm not sure you can get to creation without lurking first, to find people, discussions, tools, and then come up with ideas on how to use them!

      Not that your post doesn't leave room for this idea; I just wanted to emphasize it. The issue then is getting beyond one's comfort zone after lurking for awhile, and moving towards contribution!