Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thank you ETMOOC, I Need To Connect

Wow, I miss you already. I am so surprised, I have been so upset that I have had no time to blog and stay connected with a new job in social media. I am doing what I love doing for myself for others and well. It's OK. Fun, yes, but can you imagine blogging and following feeds and composing tweets on a topic you do not love?? It is not an easy task, and I don't think I thought about that. Lesson learned. Oddly, I got the job because of my activity on #etmooc so thank you, my social media skills have increased two folds. I have also recieved gift certificates and new online promotional and early releases and tools from google blogspot, twitter and bufferapps. Pretty neat stuff. Who knew?

Thank you ETMOOC, you brought me out of my online shell. I'm actually quite loud and extremely excited when discussing education and technology in person, yet I can honestly say, I have officially gone from lurker to contributor and producer, again, Many many thanks.I created a lenthy reflection of etmooc here for you reading pleasure.

For the many connections, well that just rocks, I feel like there are at least 8 - 10 people, I would not be afraid to ask for help or to maybe webcast with one of my classes. You know who you are, or do you? I wonder if the connections I feel, feel the same way?

Alec Couros, Thank you so so much for an amazing learning experience that was better than any course I have taken, sorry Jeff... It's just that I had and was allowed to learn at my own pace and while I put a lot of hours in, I had a blast commenting, creating, sharing.

Heck, I created or borrowed new content for three master's level courses. Please check out my new emerging technology class here. I would love suggestions, I think the flow could be fixed/changed. Content is mostly from #etmooc and the thousands of amazing links, resources and the general OER environment, My diigo to read list is full and may take the summer and I am grateful. In my time of not teaching in public school and feeling lost, I found #etmooc, or it found me. Thanks to all, Wish me luck as I continue my journey and attempt to move back into public education. I miss the middle schooler's, I miss the engagement and I miss the relationships. While higher ed rocks, the teacher in me, needs the crazy I guess.

Connected Technology Educator is Seeking Middle or High School Position in NH or MA.
Huh, the first time I used my blog for self advertisement. I think.

More to come, I found that I get literally sad when I cannot be myself, connect, blog and tweet away .


  1. Thanks so much, Sherry. That was the ultimate compliment but of course, the community (including yourself) should take all of the credit. It was great to learn from with and through you during this experience, and I am sure we will continue to do so in the future.

    Thanks very much for this post, and everything you've done to contribute to #etmooc and my learning.

  2. Alec, I cannot beleive it has taken me so long to respond. No thank you. I feel blessed to know you and be connected. You and your great connections helped me to grow as a teacher and a person. Let me know if you ever need anything, always happy to help and share.

  3. Thank you Sherry and Alec for your roles in the ETMOOC. I'm building a list on my web site pointing to many of the bloggers I connected with so that others can find this information and apply the ideas. I Alec will repeat this again next January and that we can find other organizers who will build one of these focused on non-school tutor/mentor programs and the youth and volunteers who participate in them.