Monday, April 30, 2007

10 Things you need to know about administrative software.

The top ten things teachers need to know as about administrative software to be effective computer using educators are:
1. They must be computer literate. We should have a sound understanding of the concepts we will be teaching. As for administration tasks, it is to our benefit not to be "afraid" of technology.
2. Have a strong understanding of the goals of administrative software. This way they/we can make informed decisions based upon past knowledge and have a clear understanding of what we what the software to do.
3. Being capable of selecting and using the best software packages. It is important to know exactly what a package can do and more importantly what it cannot do before pressing the buy button.
4. Have enough knowledge of make informed decisions/evaluate about software packages. Without it, it is hard to be effective as a computer educator. One of our main goals as educators is to teach our students how to evaluate and software based on informed decisions. If we do not explore all possibilities, we will not know if we have chosen an adminstative package that is easy to use and customize.
5. Be able to serve as a guide through software and hardware acquisition. This shows you can not only support your students, but your team and school administration as well. It will serve to an educators benefit to be able to make sound judgements when it comes to acquisition.
6. Be able to implement software and hardware. We are teaching about both software and hardware, so we need to understand it. We also need to be able to use it in it's latest and greatest way, which changes constantly.
7. Have enough knowledge to to evaluate software for ease of use such as help functions and templates. It is important to make sure the software does not cause more headache's than it is worth. With evaluation knowledge in place, you will be able to choose better tools.
8. Capable of supporting all productivity and classroom management software.
Being able to to show how to use the software effectively. - Expertise, It is important to show you know what you are talking about.
9. Being able to streamline software to ease teaching and professional tasks. Using productivity tools such as spreadsheets and databases to keep track of student progress. In learning these skills a teacher will free up alot of administrative time.
Be able to learn and use a variety of software and be able to aplly it to many different tasks.
10. Being able to support both students and staff in all aspects of computer use in general.
- I need to show expertise to my collegues and students. If I can't help them, who will?

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