Monday, April 30, 2007

Why save data in electronic format?

I do agree that the ability to save data in an electronic format is a significant advantage over hard copy, especially when it comes to productivity software. First of all, the use of a network makes sharing student files, so much easier than running around. We are able to not only take attendance but also compile grades and rubrics that can be sorted, tallied and saved for future use. This would not be possible with a hard copy. You would continuously have to revise it. We also have more storage capabilities, not only can we store information on drives that can be accessible from anywhere within the school or school district's networks, we have the network to rely on for backups. I can lose my grade book, but I think even a back up copy of Powergrade to run end of the year grades is very advantageous. We also have more ability to track student progress and get help with classroom management. I do not believe security should ever be an issue, but unfortunately it is. I still think that advantages out weigh that cost. Security has come a long way in the last decade and most things/files can be encrypted and password protected. A strong administrator will help as they will check files for hacking and can ensure changes in passwords along with providing additional security such as routers, PGP keys and the like.

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