Monday, May 7, 2007

Top 5 Tools

For this class I found the Internet sites you gave us to be of extreme value.

1. - I have used this site weekly since you gave this link to us. Wonderful lesson plans and state standards on which to follow as well. I really like the tie in to standards. As a first year teacher or should I say "wanna be", it was really nice to be able to see exactly what standards were addressed to make sure you are in alignment with the GRE's.

2. - This may be a very busy site, but searches bring up many lesson plans and it also has "snippets of the day" mini plans that are very useful for transition times between lessons. Also a great way to start the day, have the students work on a mini lesson while taking care of administration. I use the daily lessons as well and they are very well thought out.

3. - Web quests in general. I had never heard of them or didn't know what they where until given this lesson. I love them. What a great resource for educators trying to link in student portfolio's to their own lesson content. As for someone like me who teachers and enjoys both computers and science content, this was a real treasure.

4. - The puzzles are such a great supplement to the lesson plans, especially one's you can make custom for your own content :) It is so nice to have a tool to use without having to search the web for hours. This one is definitely a keeper and a true time saver.

5. Inspiration - I am official in love with concept mapping. I find it really helps me to organize my own educational papers as well as my lesson content. I have used the lighter version for kids in school and they enjoy seeing a visual instead of an outline, it really helps those who's preferred modality is visual display. I also think it makes it more meaningful to the students to see there thoughts actually mapped out.

I could add more and more. The tools for rubric creation, etc. How to evaluate websites and software. Great Class. I shall look for your name again!

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