Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Need Connected Learning- #ETMOOC

Ok, here it is a Sunday afternoon and as football looms on the TV, I have just spent 3+ hours looking over various #etmooc sessions run this week as well as looking over google plus for intro's and new posts to see what's going on and who likes what. It was not a wasted three hours but a valuable three hours and soon to be more. In the midst of another share on twitter and I start to to really put somethings together. I love learning this way. I always have.

Let me explain, I joined a MOOC an which is being run by Alec Couros (I pray I spelled that right) and many others. I'm so excited to work with Shareski this week. I have always enjoyed his blogs and posts and am sorry I didnt truly connect sooner. I am, I admit a lurker, I read, I implement, I "borrow" but I never really connected until now!

It reminded me of a post from Jeff Utecht; (then instructor, now friend). In a jist, he needs a network to learn, people to bounce ideas off of and learn from in order to enjoy learning. In order to enjoy learning, he needed to as I do, to feel connected. In re-reading this post, I realized this was my reality, this is why I haven't taken many PD opportunties offered or attended as many conferences. I don't like learning alone, it is so very true for many of us, and it is certainly true of me. I have needed this connection. I trive on a connectivist approach to learning and I embrace the new applications and tools that I am made aware of. I can truly say I need connected learning.

I love finding connections(people and groups) with such similar interests as myself that it is almost scary.

I have found some questions, how do I work on "connected learning"? Are there any articles I should read for etmooc for this week? Am I participating enough? Why doesn't my diigo look as cool as Alec's in the tutorial?? So so much, BUT, It's OK, This is what I love to do, love to tinker, to figure it out. I have found no links on what should or shouldnt be done for the topic of connected learning as outlined in the calendar for #etmooc, but that's cool, It took one day, a few thoughts and boom, I remembered a post from a dear friend and mentor Jeff Utecht, so to him I say thank you as I do to Alec, Shareski and all of those I have watched and learned from since "2009". I thank connected learning as I would not even know thier names. These connections are much more relevant to me as an educator in technology than some of my professors in the lecture halls back in the day....

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  1. Love this post Sherry! I worry about all these things too and it's so hard to find the time to participate as much as I'd like to but so rewarding when I push myself to find the time. Connected learning is the only blackboard session which I haven't managed to catch up with yet and I look forward to doing so.