Thursday, February 28, 2013

Modern Learning,Today's Students

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Modern Education is at the forefront of a lot of discussion's as backed up by Will Richardson's webcast for #etmooc.

He posted a board for collaboration where participants shared ideas on traditional versus modern education. Today we are a tech driven society. There are endless ways to get information, be taught, learn. It really is an exciting time in education. How do you think your grandchildren be taught?

Let's not forget, as online learning and self directed learning expands, as does the mind and your connections, but how do we ask student under 15 to "direct their own learning". The ability to self organize and use or connections must be taught. It's a shame that we cannot move forward faster as communities and educators but I don't think we knew technology was going to move so fast. Our students, children are very used to "micro-desicions", online interaction is a norm. Can a student sit in a lecture hall, watch a video, tweet and still learn? I think they can, as I write this I am viewing my twitter feeds go by as well as relistening to Will Richardson's webcast for #etmooc.

I don't think the tradition structure does work anymore for students, with one in college (ok, he dropped out due to bordom) and one in high school, one of the biggest complaints I hear is how bored they are. I believe that "common core" may hinder or help the problem.(Could common core turn teaching around that could basicall say these benchmarks are a guideline..."teach it great and in any way but use these as a guideline")? Just a thought.

Modern learning is not replacing traditional schools, we now have online academys and charter schools where our "non-traditional learners are being told they must attend in order to finish school" Let's be honest, these are the trouble makers. The one's we work like heck to crack but end of being our every challenge. Charter schools and online academy's are certainly a step in the right direction, but wouldnt it be great if we had a drop down approach in education, both public and private where the technology teachers and media specialists are not the "UA", the fun class, the elective. In this day in age where so much can be done for and with education via digital literacy and technology, I think the change can only occur when we make technology teacher's integrators at the top of the helm instead of at the bottom. In this world where 21 century curriculum has proved time and time again (see related article as of 1996)to engage our learners and provide them greater strengths. It is not at the top, it is at the bottom or in the middle. We need as a community to realize that we must help digitize our students.

Since our children already are, why don't we help them do it correctly?

Even students see it. Take a look at this blog post from a high school student, Nick Lehtsky insisting social media will help wih education.

Thanks you #etmooc and Will Richardson for a great discussion. Sorry I missed it.

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