Monday, March 4, 2013

Connections Rock! My Video on Real Connections

Thanks to Alan Levine's search for true online connections(see here), I have created my first speaking video of me discussing my real connection with Jeff Utecht. I have made a great connection with Jeff and he has been in Thailand for for the last few years while I am in New Hampshire, USA. An amazing teacher and great blogger, Jeff is always willing to share. Now that I teach at the master’s level, Jeff and I connect regularly; he skypes into my classes about his book Reach, which is, of course, required reading for one of my courses.

This was a big step for me, I try to stay away from videos. Maybe I'll do more, it really wasn't so bad. Thank-you Alan for the great project that pushed me out of my comfort zone!

Connections, online learning and ETMOOC is the way I learn. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Hi Sherry: So glad you ventured into video! I was worried about it too, and used Alan Levine's call as an excuse to make my first one. I think your video here is quite good--very clear, very interesting. Don't worry about doing more! It's such a great way for people to make a connection to you, because now we can hear your voice and see you in action (instead of just a photo). It really helps people feel like they're getting to know you better.

    I didn't know anything about Jeff Utecht before, so this was a great way for me to learn about him. And I love the fact that we can now have connections from across the world in the way you were connecting with Jeff. Even better, he was willing to Skype with your class. So cool!

  2. Christina, I hope you are my next micro connection. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your comments. You certainly learned about me just from my background. Am I alone that I watched it several times. My vacumn and dog and pics of my kids in the background really painted a picture. Lol. I posted take 6, I think, I really wanted to share more and got so excited that I could be a producer that I jumped on the opportunity. Oh, Jeff, Wow, you can download the first two chapters of his book at Jeff Utecht's website. You know you have a good connection when they let 100 of your students respond to a blog post and publish the one's of value. So glad you liked the video.

  3. You are not alone in watching your video several times! I did mine outside and there was so much noise around me that I kept watching it and trying to adjust the sound levels to make my voice come out better over the noise and just to see if it was fine as is. I was so uncomfortable doing it that I really only wanted to do one take, so I just kept the original! Well, actually, it was the second version of one I did a week or two earlier. I wanted to make this one more "story-like" than my original.

    Mine's on my blog, here:

    I still can't really watch it myself. I notice so many things about how I look, how I sound, etc., that make me uncomfortable; but I know that that isn't true for others! I bet if we do more videos we'll get less nervous about it.