Monday, February 4, 2013

Digital Storytelling Resources and Scratch Animation

I'm so excited about our new section in the MOOC I have been a part of, #etmooc. As an educator that has worked at the middle school level, undergraduate and graduate level, there a few things I have found to be more empowering and exciting than introducing digital storytelling to audiences that have not experienced the pleasure before.

What I truly love is the many web 2.0 an free online software applications that are now availabe online.,,, and so many much more (please note, each link is an example from myself or student work)

So I am going to start this new blog post by sharing what I have shared and taught so far. First, let me say, Storyboarding in creating a digital story is so important. This is where you should see yourself or students spending the bulk of their time. I do.. See various links I use with my students below:

  • Integrating Digital Storytellingby Mark Standley, yes it is from 2003, so wow, 10 years ago, they knew we had to give students a new voice, a better or cooler way of communicating.

  • Digital Storytelling 101 - By Discover Ed. Take a look around.
  • Digital Story Telling PDF Digital Storytelling in the Classroom, This has some great storyboards!
  • Education Resources for Digital Storytelling - This discusses some of the basic steps of digital storytelling from developing your story to brainstorying, storyboarding, drafting, revising, editing, timing, images and narration.
  • Storyboard That - This was a great find gosh back in 2008 by Free Technology for Teachers.
  • And I cannot forget my absolute favorite. Scratch Programming from MIT. See my example on cyberbullying here.

  • Learn more about this project

    Scratch is a programming language that is free,fun to learn and affords for integration across all content areas. I have used Scratch Programming with middle school students and adults and the inspiration and reasoning skills that are built are truly 21st century skills and the best part is it really is a easy as buidling lego blocks and that's exactly what it looks like. I have so much more I'd love to say and teach you. Next blog post.... For now, I have left the links for the 21st century guide and 1 project done by one of my 7th grader's years ago and one by an student/middle school teacher and can add more. Enjoy.

  • Scratch Programming and 21st Century Learning.
  • Weather and the Atmosphere
  • Texting While Driving
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    1. Sherry, thanks for the resources. I love the possibilities VoiceThread presents. I also agree that storyboarding is key to the creation process. I am interested in possibilities digital storytelling can bring to not only in developing students' writing skills, but also for demonstrating content learning.